Tips For Getting the Most out of your Ice Ball Maker

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Ideal Preparation

  • Before using the ice ball molds, be sure to clean the product with a diluted solution of water and vinegar.
  • Get Clearer ice balls – Using distilled water to fill the molds is recommended, as this will reduce the cloudiness of the ice balls.
  • Create perfect spheres – Only fill to the water fill line, any higher and the ice will overflow and pop open the ice ball molds. Which we don’t want as this will make a less than perfect sphere!
  • Prevent cracking – If the ice balls freeze too quickly this can crack the ice balls when set. To prevent this you can wrap the molds in a hand towel, put the molds in a tupperware box, or even a ziploc bag. This will slow down the freezing process for the ice to set perfectly. Also, don’t run the molds under water as this will cause them to crack also. The ice balls will be easy enough to pop out without the use of water. You can also prevent cracking by carefully placing the ice ball in the drink instead of pouring the drink over the ice ball.

Removing the Ice Balls

  1. Take off the top half of the ice ball mold and place it upside down.
  2. Flip the ice ball so the bottom mold is now at the top, then push the ice sphere out with your thumbs by pressing on the bottom of the mold so the ice drops in to the top mold.
  3. To put this in to your glass if you don’t have a pair of tongs, you can use a spoon. Simply drop the ice ball onto the spoon from the mold then gently place in to your glass which should have your drink in already if you have followed previous tips.

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