Modern Bartender Ice Ball Maker – Set of 2 Premium Silicone Sphere Ice Molds


Make every sip taste like the first! – The ice ball maker molds make 2 perfect 2.5″ Ice balls for your favorite classic cocktail or beverage using. With Sphere Ice Molds you’ll enjoy cooler/better tasting drinks for longer without the dilution you get from using regular ice cubes.

With our Ice Ball Maker Sphere Ice Molds, you’ll impress your friends and family with more interesting, better tasting, cooler party drinks! Or you can use them at your bar as they can make perfect looking ice balls!

Whether you’re a bartender, casual drinker, party animal, or you want to enjoy a nice cool drink on a summer’s day – with the Modern Bartender Ice Sphere Maker, you can enjoy any beverage of your choice, with cool looking ice ball that last up to 10x longer than regular cubed or round ice cubes!

Benefits of the Modern Bartender Ice Ball Maker Sphere Ice Molds

Largest Ice Balls that Last 10x Longer

Highest Quality, more Durable Silicone Sphere Ice Molds

No Leaks Like Ice Mold Trays

Prevent Overfilling with our Unique Fill Line

Easy to Open

Easy to Fill

Super Fast Delivery!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Make Every Sip Taste Like the First!

Customer Reviews

This round ice cube maker is perfect for what I wanted! I asked for large round ice cubes and these are so much better than what I had anticipated. The silicone is of a very high quality, they’re easy to fill and place in the freezer, and quality of packaging as well is impressive. Thanks, will be ordering more for sure. x

Melanie Reanolds Amazon Reviewer

I bought ice ball molds when they first came out and didn’t have a good experience getting the ice out. I filled these with water and tested it out before I used it with guests and was surprised these came out with ease. I later tried these with whiskey and was very happy it didn’t water down my drink. I recommend these whiskey balls for any person who enjoys a drink at home!!!!

The sphere ice molds from MB are very high quality. From packaging to the product design, I can’t fault them. I had a few questions about the silicone ice molds so I contacted customer service and they were very attentive and helpful. Oh, and you get a great ebook on using the ice molds for cocktails with lots of recipes you can try!

Jonathon T. Amazon Reviewer

Don’t get the ice ball tray molds, get the sphere ice molds if you like perfect larger sphere ice cubes! From someone who has tried every other whiskey ice ball out there, can’t recommend these things enough!

Peter Voogd Amazon Reviewer

I’m very happy with my purchase of this ice ball maker. They make perfect jumbo ice spheres that I can use in my cocktails or my favorite shorts like bourbon or scotch. I’ve tried the silicone ice tray molds but the spheres are always smaller, and they’re not as spherical as the single ice molds.

As they’re larger than the average ice ball mold, they last a lot longer. If you want a high quality ice sphere maker then these are the perfect choice! Only issue is I need more for when my friends come round at the weekend. So expect an order for more from me shortly! 🙂

Erica E Amazon Review

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